Our Team

Barty Wardell
Chief Executive Officer

Barty Wardell is completing a Masters in Engineering at the University of Cambridge, with specialisms in Aeronautics and Materials. He is also an active part-time researcher at the Cambridge Centre for Micromechanics, with a focus on computational methods and polymer mechanics. He previously directed Cambridge University Spaceflight, and presided over a successful rocket launch. His experience spans managing large technical teams and solving research grade challenges. In his spare time he collects Vinyl and is an avid skier.

Aleksander Krużewski
Chief Operating Officer

Aleksander Krużewski holds a degree in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford and is pursuing a Master in Management at HEC Paris, where he received the Excellence Scholarship. His experience spans advisory roles in restructuring projects, Energy M&A, and startup scaling. Aleksander is deeply involved in financial research, focusing on lending practices of institutions acting as secondary support mechanisms. A former competitive fencer, he now enjoys surfing as a hobby. He is recognized for his skills in process design and managing complex projects.

Benedict Davies
Research Director

Benedict Davies is completing a Masters in Engineering at the University of Cambridge, with a focus on Machine learning and Information Engineering, having achieved a starred Class I. His research project is investigating the use of large speech models to automatically grade English speaking exams and has worked on other machine learning projects with experience in both supervised training and reinforcement learning. Benedict also has experience as a Software Engineer working on iOS development with Expedia Group. His other interests outside of Engineering include piano, tennis and climbing.

Alex Hayward
Software Lead

Alex Hayward is completing a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, having studied advanced modules in Mathematics, Statistics, Optimisation and Machine Learning. He has experience in scientific computing at the UK atomic Energy Authority; as a front-end software engineer at Publicis Sapient; and as an alpha trader at a quantitative trading firm. He has pursued several projects focused on ML, spanning spiking neural networks and convolutional neural networks in medical imaging. His interests are broad, reading books on economics, psychology and philosophy. In his spare time, he plays piano, squash and does yoga.

Owen Hein-Phillips
Communications Director

Owen Hein-Phillips is the Chief Communications Officer for Vividata, with strategic oversight for all company and client communications, content creation and design, and thought leadership for stakeholder engagement. Owen has focused on building his skills in brand, communications and strategy throughout his time at the University of Chicago where he was responsible for launching several new initiatives at the Institute of Politics, and in his professional experience with roles at Pythia Public, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, KJD Strategies and New Ways to Work. Owen is a recent graduate of the University of Chicago, where he studied History.

Nik Lebedenko
Chief Software Architect

Nik is fascinated with tackling interesting and challenging problems, driving him to find novel and innovative solutions. While achieving first place in his mechanical engineering exams at the University of Cambridge, Nik furthered his software engineering experience by working on computational fluid dynamics technology for Formula 1 and Aerospace clients. In his spare time, he plays trumpet in the Trinity College Brass Quintet and enjoys the occasional ski trip

Our Advisors

Nicola Walton

Nicola Walton is an advisor to companies and charities. She is an experienced financial journalist, broadcaster and lecturer. Previous employers in London include LBC Radio, The Independent newspaper and City University’s Journalism School. Nicola is the author of “How to Report Economic News”, published by Routledge and host of “It’s The Economy”, a podcast mini-series for Intelligence Squared.

Marek Miltner

Marek Miltner is currently a Research Scholar and Teaching Fellow Coordinator at Stanford University and Czech Technical University. The role includes co-leading research projects applying ML and other AI for energy grid optimization and power flow forecasting in the context of the green energy transition; as well as creating and teaching courses on Computer Science, AI and Energy. Prior to joining Stanford University, Marek has several years of Startup Engineering experience Head of Engineering at Uizard, a growing Series A startup providing generative AI tools to create digital prototypes of apps and websites. He has also worked on autonomous systems, including being a CTO of an autonomous UAV company or being the Head of Research for Czechia’s first autonomous racing vehicle development team funded by Toyota Research Institute. Marek holds an MPhil from the University of Cambridge and an MEng from Czech Technical University, and an MBA from Quantic School of Engineering and Technology.

Jon Williams

Jon Williams works as a “Fractional CTO”, assisting clients with technology change, growth and organization. Clients include Etsy, Squarespace, Kickstarter, Wikimedia, Sundance, AutoTrader, AOL, AppNexus, Atlas Air, MasterCard, ConnectiveRx, Petplan Insurance, Practicing Law Institute, Earthjustice, and eMarketer, among others.
Jon has more than 25 years of experience developing, deploying, and managing technology solutions for companies ranging from start-ups to international corporations. Jon has been involved in many of the technology innovations of the digital era, including real-time ad delivery, eCommerce, music download, e-learning, digital printing, and SaaS. As a strategist and CTO, Jon has enabled companies such as Kaplan Test Prep, NBC Universal, Experian CheetahMail, Time Warner, Grey Healthcare, and others to translate their business needs into technology applications and successful product launches. Jon specializes in architecture, turnarounds, and building effective teams and processes.
Jon co-founded the New York CTO Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit professional organization for 100+ technology leaders, now in its 20th year, who meet monthly to share insights and support each other. In 2008 he was named one of Infoworld’s top 25 CTOs. Jon received a BS in Computer Science from Melbourne University in Australia.

Henry Shevlin, Ph.D

Henry Shevlin is the Associate Director of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence at the University of Cambridge, where he is also the co-director for the Kinds of Intelligence programme. He is a philosopher of cognitive science and an AI ethicist. His research explores a range of themes connected to non-human consciousness and intelligence, including measurement of consciousness, moral patiency, well-being and welfare, creative intelligence, and anthropomorphism and folk psychology. and folk psychology.