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Sanchez-Lengeling, et al., "A Gentle Introduction to Graph Neural Networks", Distill, 2021.

As technology has advanced, it has become easier to collect data, but deriving meaning from it remains difficult.

Data is often trapped in multiple systems, with no easy way to connect it, or, act upon it, meaning that businesses are making decisions with a fraction of the intelligence that they could have access to.

Off-the-shelf solutions rarely address the complex and specific data needs of organizations, and can be expensive to implement.

We work with you to design custom data algorithms and machine learning solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Dynamic Insights

Our models are adaptable and are responsive to new data and changing environments. Our solutions bring you long term strategic insights which evolve dynamically with your business.

Flexible Applicability

Our solutions are built to use your existing data to address key strategic goals, regardless of the sector, business or problem. Vividata builds accelerated solutions targeted at your problems.

Anonymized Data

Vividata utilizes best practices for data hygiene when handling your data. This prevents data breaches which are common in off-the-shelf solutions, protecting both your consumers and your intellectual property.

Our Process

We build full stack data solutions which convert your enterprise data into dynamic insights. We build state of the art models from the ground up, specifc to your data and business case. All displayed within a customised dashboard designed to augment your business process and empower your strategic decisions.


Our Team

Barty Wardell

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Hayward

Software Lead

Benedict Davies

Research Director

Aleksander Krużewski

Chief Operating Officer